Sex Tips: Oral Sex For Women

Sex Tips: Oral Sex For Women

Finally, there are numbers to back up a sad truth that straight women have known for too long: When it comes to oral sex, many men are tongue-tied. In a recent survey, 67 percent of hetero men admitted to sex-toy start-up company Cunni that they sometimes feel completely lost down there. And 59 percent are in the dark when it comes to knowing what their partner likes during oral—which may be the reason a lot of guys are skipping it entirely. Yep, women are more likely than men to perform oral on their partners, Sad hey. So we are going to give you some Sex Tips on oral sex for women.

Considering 73 percent of us require some kind of clitoral stimulation to orgasm or have better orgasms—and tongue attention is an effective way to get there—we have to close the oral-sex gap. Show this guide to your guy to teach him the mouth moves that work for you, then follow our tips for returning the favor.

The Main Plays

1. The first and most important step is to figure out what you like so you can clue in the clueless. Some women say stimulating one side of their clitoris feels better than the other, while others prefer only the clitoral hood to be touched (because direct attention feels too intense). Use your fingers or a bullet vibe along your labia and C-spot to commit your fave spots to memory.

2. Tell him he should approach oral sex the same way he would the layout of utensils at a fancy restaurant: starting from the outside and working his way in, suggests sex educator Sarah Sloane. Invite him to start licking you over your underwear in wide, flat strokes. The indirect touching and his hot breath on you will get you going.

3. Next, lose your bottoms and have him run his tongue along your labia (the inner and outer folds of your vulva) to spark arousal and boost blood flow to your clitoris, which will make every next touch feel that much more toe-curling.

4. Before he goes any further, add extra wetness (to increase the good feels for you) with a few drops of a natural, flavored lube like one from the Swiss Navy Range we have available at Aussie Love Shop. It has a range of yummy flavors like Chocolate, Peppermint and others which are also sugar-free, so they won’t eff with your important bacteria-balancing pH level.

5. A common oral mistake? “So many people go too fast and too hard,” says sexologist Sadie Allison, founder of Tickle Kitty. Instead, many women like the experience to ramp up with incredibly soft licking from a flat tongue, which covers a lot of surface area, but very gently. Tell your guy to use the same amount of pressure he’d use to lightly lick ice cream that’s dripping down a cone. “He can work his way up from there,” Allison says.

6. Before he really goes to town, help your lover out by stuffing a pillow under your butt to elevate your hips. This switches up the angle and puts his head and neck in a more comfortable position—avoiding cramping that might cause him to tap out early.

7. Ditch the old “spelling the alphabet with his tongue” tip and see if he’s good with numbers instead. Have him work in slow figure-eight motion, exploring all the sweet spots along your labia and clitoris. When your breathing gets heavier, he’ll know exactly where to home in and stay awhile.

8. A 2017 study in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy found that the top three touching techniques women prefer down there is a repeated rhythmic motion, circling around the clitoris, and switching between different strokes (e.g., circles to up and down, then back). For an intense finale that will have you tugging on his hair (in the best way), tell your man to focus on your clitoris with the tongue move that’s working for you and not to stop until you’ve clearly climaxed.

Check out the YouTube video on some great Oral sex tips


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