Sex Toys For Couples

So as a couple your sex life is good but you want that little extra. Extended foreplay or to reach that special area that excites you. But maybe you are both a bit nervous about mentioning using a sex toy. Well don’t be nervous or embarrassed as it is quite normal. Does not matter whether […]

Satisfyer Pro Penguin

Here is a special review of one of our popular items. The Satisfyer Pro Penguin The Satisfyer Pro Penguin  is a wonderful sight to behold. While its predecessor, the Penguin Pro, came in tones of pink, the newer version is black and white with a little pink bow tie, truly embracing its name. I had seen […]

Why Sex Toys

Since starting this business I have been asked on numerous occasions by family, friends and acquaintances why I chose this business. There are several answers. Firstly sex sells. Almost everybody has some type of sex whether it be alone or with a partner. And people doing it alone are a big part of the market […]