Are you outgoing, friendly and broadminded? Would you like to make 40% commission on your sales? If this sounds like you please contact us and become a Toy Party Consultant.

We are looking for Party Consultants from all areas of Australia and currently have some in WA, parts of NSW and SA. But we would like a lot more.

At the moment it will cost you $1 to join so grab it now as thing may change as we get more consultants. For your dollar you will get a website with back office to advertise on Facebook and put on your business cards etc. You can follow your sales and commissions in your back office.

And you will get a Coupon Code to get 40% off of products you buy for your demo kit. We have no set kits that we force you to buy but can offer suggestions on what to buy. But in the end, it is your choice. You will also get access to our Facebook Consultants Group where you can get support from us and other Consultants. support.

Here at Aussie Love Shop Party’s our consultants are not pressured to sign people up. On the contrary, we would like to give you as much time as you want to establish your area and concentrate on building your business through sales. We would like you to have as big an area to work in as you think you can handle and will not put others nearby without consultation with you. We don’t want you competing against other Aussie Love Shop consultants but rather our opposition whoever that may be.

So if you think this is for you please contact us in the form below and leave us your address, contact number and a time to call you.